Little Shepherd Cuisine uses the best locally grown produce available in season and no artificial preservatives.

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~Chocolate Almond Pear Tart~

Ground almonds take the place of flour in the dark chocolate filling of this beautiful tart. Delicate pear slices embellish the top. Available round or rectangular on a pâte brisée crust. This impressive masterpiece is not cloyingly sweet & goes well with either dry or dessert wine.


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~Apple Tart~
Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples get sophisticated with a splash of apple liqueur. Showcased in traditional French pâte brisée crust, this tart is available in round, rectangular fluted or rustic open-faced galette form. Excellent with a slightly sweet or semi-dry Riesling.

$25 and Up

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~Elegant Polish Cheese Kuchen ~

European cheesecake is typically less sweet than it's American counterpart. Enjoy the contrast of dark chocolate with the rich cheese custard. This is my Polish version of cheesecake atop the traditional German kuchen "cake". Garnished with your choice of dark chocolate mint leaves or violets, mint leaves and orange peel.

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~Wild Mushroom Tart~

Fresh wild mushrooms, including cremini & stemmed shitake mingle with shallot & herbs in a créme fraiche sauce upon a tender cream cheese pastry crust.

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~Raspberry Tart~

Intense raspberry flavor - the secret to bringing it out is a touch of sweet raspberry liqueur. These delicious pâte brisée tarts are available rectangular, round and in rustic open-faced galette form, with or without crumb topping.

(Seasonal) $25 and Up

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-Homemade Polish Potato Cheese Pierogies-
Made by hand from an old family recipe, these hearty pierogies are served with the traditional sweet, carmelized vidalia onions in butter.

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~Apple Cider Upside-down Cake~

Boiled apple cider concentrate gives this moist and delicious cake an intense apple flavor. Beautifully packaged with a container of caramel cider sauce and whiskey whipped cream.

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~Buttery Brioche Rolls Topped with Dark Chocolate~

Luscious breakfast, luncheon, or dessert!

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~Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake~

Chocolate ganache or brandied fruit & whiskey whipped cream, the ultimate gluten-free.

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~Sweet Brie & Peach Custard Tart~

with maple glazed walnuts

Brie cheese and juicy ripe peaches complement each other beautifully in Little Shepherd Cuisine's Signature French tart. Maple-glazed walnuts & just the right amount of sugar sweeten the duo to please the American palette while the rustic pâte brisée crust ensures European authenticity.

Seasonal Availability $36 and Up

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~Strawberry Galette with Basil Whipped Cream~
"absolutely heavenly"

A springtime stunner. Concentric circles of strawberries enhanced with organically grown fresh basil mascarpone whipped cream. Pâte brisée crust. Available in large circular tart or rustic free form tart form.

Seasonal Availability $25 and Up

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~Rustic Blackberry Galette~
with pecan streusel topping

Plump, juicy blackberries in a pâte brisée crust, topped with pecan streusel & edible spring pansy garnish. This tart is also available in the more formal, rectangular fluted tart form.

Seasonal Availability $25 and Up

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~Dark & Spicy Old World Style European

Great-tasting Food that is also Art
An intensely rich & soft cookie, this gingerbread is like none you've ever had, and pairs wonderfully with a dry Merlot, Malbec or Shiraz. Beautifully hand molded with European cookie molds, then meticulously hand painted with edible food paints by our talented pastry artists, this incredible tasting cookie will stay fresh indefinitely. Makes a unique and elegant guest favor or gift as well as an unforgettably delicious dessert.

Available in a variety of molds including:
  • The Berne Bear, symbol of Berne, Switzerland's capitol
  • The Rose
  • Harvest Pumpkin
  • The Buck
  • The Good Shepherd
  • Christmas Donkey
  • Angel with Tree
  • Dark chocolate-filled Herzli Hearts
  • Victorian Gloves


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~Poached Pear Tartlets~
with chocolate sauce

Spicy, bay-poached pear halves are stuffed with a sweet ricotta cheese mixture and placed on individually shaped puff pastry. A real bay leaf and decadent chocolate-pear sauce make for a charmingly beautiful presentation & unforgettable taste treat.

Limited Availability

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~Sugared Apricot Tart~

Simply elegant. Sugared, fresh ripe apricots sit atop a bed of Neufchâtel & ricotta cheeses on a puff pastry tart. Garnished with fresh garden mint, of course. Seasonal availability.

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~Tarte Au Chocolate~

Decadent with our whiskey whipped cream!

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-Pear & Gorgonzola Tart-

with honeyed toasted almonds a tempting, popular sweet/savory dessert, classically french with the favored pairing of fruit and cheese on our signature pate brisee pastry crust.

(we can substitute blue cheese, feta or goat cheese for the gorgonzola)